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Advertiser, media agency, advertising agency, simplify the management and monitoring of your advertising campaigns.

Discover the first suite of business applications dedicated to buying and selling multi-media advertising space.

Be productive from media planning to invoicing

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Data Management

The market is rich in data. Thanks to our tools you can now :

  • Visualize your press campaign and its inserts in a flash.
  • Compare your advertising investments with those of your competitors.
  • Automatically generate personalized business intelligence reports.
  • Browse and classify your audience data. 

Buy side

Manage your ad space purchase from the creation of the media plan to reporting.

  • Easily navigate through numerous options and choose the best media to reach your advertiser’s target.
  • Quickly select the media that has the best affinity with your target.
  • In just a few clicks, build an optimized cross-media plan within budget
  • Buy your traditional advertising space and simplify your exchanges with advertising agencies.
  • Manage your press campaigns and all your commercial information.
  • Produce reports for your advertisers

Sell side

Manage your sales from negotiation to invoicing.

  • Stay up to date on your PMP’s buyer activity.
  • Maximize the sale of your traditional advertising space and simplify your exchanges with agencies.
  • Navigate key steps in the marketing of your cross-media advertising spaces. Manage your traditional advertising space bookings and invoicing.
  • Give your customers more visibility in their campaigns.
  • Follow and develop your customer relationship with your prospects and clients.
  • Optimize your on-air management.

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What's new at adwanted group?

“Adwanted Group has acquired SRDS (AKA Standard Rate & Data Service) from Kantar for an undisclosed sum.

SRDS’ data is used by ad agencies and brands to compare online and traditional media across business, consumer and geographic audiences.

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