CTS advertising


Manage and optimise your TV channel’s advertising bookings

CTS Advertising is an advertising space reservation software designed for television channels with their own sales department and independent advertising agencies. It has the essential functionalities for drawing up campaign plans, calculating budgets, and daily validation of advertising drivers. Compatible with the EDI standard, CTS Publicité facilitates dematerialized exchanges between advertising agencies and media agencies.

Schedule your advertising campaigns

CTS Advertising allows you to create, plan and rigorously monitor your advertising campaigns. Optimization functionalities help you to establish your campaign plans according to performance indicators (budget, number of spots, GRP) and placement constraints (availability, competition, program context…). CTS Advertising also helps you to set up distribution elements (creation of identification sheets for advertising films, assignment of advertising films to reserved spaces…).

Enhance your advertising campaigns

CTS Advertising allows you to faithfully reproduce your commercial conditions (rates, discounts, surcharges, cascading calculation…). The software then automatically calculates the gross and net budget of the advertising campaigns according to the type of sale selected (spot to spot, fixed price, sponsorship…). You can then edit commercial offers and purchase orders with details of the amounts and access statistics on turnover by sector, customer, campaign, salesperson, support, etc…

Secure the delivery of your advertising campaigns

Control and validation mechanisms secure the transmission of advertising campaigns to the Chapter. If the television channel is equipped with CTS Broadcast, additional indicators give the advertising department a real-time view of the on-air playlist to validate the correct insertion of the advertising playlist. Post-broadcast, CTS Advertising retrieves broadcast reports to monitor broadcast anomalies and automatically generate the proof requested by customers. This information can also be exported to a system dedicated to the invoicing of advertising campaigns.

They trust us

``Prior to the installation of CTS Advertising, I entered all the quotes, media plans and ad drivers into Excel. CTS Advertising has brought me enormous time savings on a daily basis thanks to the automation of many tasks such as the production of advertising drivers. There is also less printing of documents and sending of emails. »
Caroline FERRE Sales assistant

Additional software

CTS Broadcast is an on-air management software. It provides television channels with tools to optimize and simplify their daily work for the preparation of the chronological sequence of a broadcasting day.


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