Adwanted Group

Founded in 2012, our company specializes in technologies for buying and selling advertising space. Our principal expertise is in media-buying, media-selling, and data management.

At the center of this ecosystem, is the marketplace where media buyers and sellers manage their non-programmatic advertising campaigns. We have taken the market against the current: while the majority of technology investments in the last 10 years have been made in the programmatic world, we have decided to create a very different offer, based initially on the so-called traditional media of radio, TV, posters, and press.

Our growth

Our growth is based on a “build-up” strategy through acquisitions. In 8 years, we have become an international team of 180 people based in New York, Paris, London, Chicago, and Lille. We now publish about 15 leading software products for the media industry, meeting the needs of 15,000 users on 3 continents (Europe, Africa, North America).

Investing in Adwanted Group

We regularly raise funds to support our growth. If you are interested, please contact us by email