Create American print campaigns

NDX eases the process of managing targeted and optimized print and insert buys, saving media planners and companies both time and money by automating the process of newspaper data gathering. Adwanted’s NDX allows you to conduct your print media buying more efficiently.

Creating an efficient media planning

All of the information needed to place both ROP and preprints– projected circulation counts at the zip code level, zoning rules, minimums, specs, and more

Adwanted gathers, validates, and packages this national data in a way that our agencies and clients utilize it

Data is standardized to ensure compatibility and conformity for multi-market analyses

Use reliable data and ensure accuracy

The NDX Focus TM platform seamlessly accesses the database, enabling quick queries, mapping and analyses.​

Ensures accuracy of preprint quantities and maximizes the ROI on print media by reducing waste for advertisers

Creating value for your customers

Save Time

NDX gathers, validates, and reports newspaper circulation data & projections in a way that allows advertisers to easily plan multi-market buys at the most granular level. NDX automates what is a very manual & time consuming process for media planners including data collection and maintenance, and offers a platform that incorporates all newspaper zoning & business rules into the planning process.


Save Money

Accurate projections ensure that advertisers print and deliver the correct insert quantities, reducing waste. FocusTM provides analytical tools that allow an overlay of third-party or sales data in order to better optimize media buys.

Additional software

Create your offline advertising campaigns online, choose your media and negotiate directly with your usual contacts to buy your insertions at the best price.

The unique and indispensable tool for developing a good international media strategy. Access more than 125,000 media kits.


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