Adwanted Group

Born in the mind of a former advertising agency boss, the story of Adwanted starts in 2012.

Emmanuel Debuyck, a 15-year veteran agency communication director, was looking for a simple solution to buy press advertising space for his clients. Only after 100 emails, 10 calls, and 3 presentations later was the single press campaign launched. While still using 20th century based tools, this process lacked efficiency and simplicity. In the age of digital, no solution yet existed to automate tasks and leverage centralized data. From that, the concept of was born.


An alliance of experts: 153 years of experience, 8 years of existence

To exist and persevere in a market as competitive as the advertising market, you need the best network in the market! 

Convinced by our successful execution of the concept, many well-established European and American companies have rallied behind our vision and support the cause. SRDS (created in 1919), Carthage (2003), CSE (1990) and Mediatel Group (1991) all that have joined the Adwanted group, are expert companies and leaders themselves in their respective categories. 

The group thus counts hundreds of years of experience for only 8 years of existence.

The time of a small but scrappy team of just 5 employees at the France-based start-up is well and truly over.

Adwanted Group

A start-up turned scale-up

Thanks to our belief in the vision, desire to always innovate, roll up the sleeves mentality, and know-how, we are now an international company with more than 15,000 users worldwide, 15M€ turnover and +120 team members.

We have raised more than $10M of funds to reach our goal: to offer a platform dedicated to the marketing of traditional cross-media advertising space and to revolutionize the daily lives of buyers and sellers of traditional media space.


Our story


- Creation of


- Création d’Adwanted Group
- Launch of Adwanted in New-York, USA


- Acquisition of Carthage (France)


- Acquisition of CSE (France)
- Acquisition of Mediasbook (France)


- Acquisition of SRDS (USA)
- Acquisition of OFFREMEDIA (France)


- Acquisition of Mediatel Group (UK)

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